11th World Series of Spades to begin this November
Spades is a popular card game that is played around the world at both online and land casinos as well as from the comfort of your own home. It is not unusual to find a card game going at any home in America as the game is very popular.

Fans of both Spades and Pinochle will be glad to hear that the 11th World Series of Pinochle and Spades is set to begin very soon. November 5th and 6th the tournament will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina and players can already preregister to participate.

The tournaments will take place at the Holiday Inn-Billy Graham Hotel in Charlotte and each main event will have a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000. Beginning on Friday November 5th, registration will begin from four to six pm. Then it will be time for the mini event in both spades and pinochle. These events will take place from seven pm to eleven pm.

The mini events are considered a meet and greet tournament so everyone can get to know each other before the main event which takes place on Saturday November 6th. The main events begin at eleven am and there is a limit of thirty two teams that can participate in the main event. there will be a guaranteed first place prize of $1,000 for the main event as well.

Since the tournament is limited to thirty two teams, those interested in competing should go ahead and register now since space is limited. Players can find out more information about each tournament as well as hotel accommodations by visiting the appropriate website. If you are interested in the spades tournament you should visit the Grand Prix Spades Players Association. If you are interested in the pinochle tournament then you should visit the American Pinochle Association website.

- 2010-09-16

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