Minority Achievement Program Hosts Spades Tournament
The Minority Achievement Program is an organization that strives to aid the University of Tennessee in the retention and success of their minority students. The organization recently held a spades tournament a couple of weeks ago to get students together and play games.

The event was held at the Black Cultural Center and the tournament took place at 7pm. students were able to compete at the Spades tables on teams as well as playing in UNO, Poker, Dominoes and the Wii. A sophomore Brigg Woodberry commented: “Events like these are great because they bring people out to be around other students. It’s good for freshmen to get out and meet people like this.”

The MAP organization sets up tournaments and activities like the spades tournament to target minority freshmen students and find them an area on campus where they can meet people and get to know older students.

MAP is working to enhance the University of Tennessee’s effort to recruit minorities as well as retain and graduate the minority students.

- 2009-10-15

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