Spades Connection Holding Tournament in March
Knoxville, Tennessee will be the backdrop for the March 2009 Spades Connection Event. The spades event will begin on March 12th and will continue till the 15th. The Spades Connection is an online website that offers spades players information on live events as well as a place for people to make new friends.

The event will begin registration on the 12th and a Fun tournament will begin late Thursday evening. On Friday the tournament will begin and on Saturday the Tournament of Champions will take place. To enter players must pay the $100 registration fee which covers the event expenses such as the facility fee and the banquet food.

Players interested in attending the event can register at the Spades Connection website. Hotel rooms can also be booked on the site. The Holiday Inn Select is where the tournament will take place and players can stay there as well.

All information needed for the tournament is available on the Spades Connection website. Players can find game guidelines as well as info on the hotel and banquet hall where the tournament will take place.

- 2009-02-19

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